Developing and showcasing artists

The record label side of DIAVImusic began as a vehicle to release our own material. Then, after years of finding ourselves becoming a go-to resource for other artists trying to bring their music to the masses, we decided to widen the umbrella to include other artists in whom we see real potential. We take a holistic approach, ensuring that artists are seeing the 30,000 foot view of their career, as well as the micro-fine details that differentiate them from the millions of other starving artists in the world; Are your songs the best they can be? Are they perfectly arranged? Are they produced and recorded the best they can be for the target audience? Are album releases, live tours, branding, and marketing campaigns all strategically aligned to scream the same message to your people? Where does it make the most sense to sell your music and merchandise? Look, we don’t have delusions of grandeur; we probably aren’t going to be your label for the life of your career. We don’t expect or even want that. Our passion is in building a new artist up into a force that catches the attention of the majors one day.