Producing music

First and foremost, I am a musician; and this matters for a few reasons. It all starts with the song. If the song isn’t great, I don’t care how awesome the recording and production is – it simply won’t move people. I start each project, listening to the songs stripped down and intimate to remove the distractions of cool new sounds and effects, so we can make sure the song itself is worthy of the next step. Next, we start arranging parts to ensure that instruments are strategically placed in the song. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve been asked to fix a “bad mix”, just to really find that the arrangement itself is muddy, too busy, or just plain boring. Also, I take great pride in knowing a keeper track when I hear it; little splashes of “special” that just always seem to happen in a recording session…and more importantly; when we haven’t experienced it yet. 

Secondly, I am a very seasoned Audio Engineer. Aside from studying music and the recording arts in college, I also have been working in this field non-stop for nearly 25 years now. I design audio components and large integrated systems. I understand acoustics, micing techniques, and can hear exactly what needs to be included or expunged from an individual track, as well as a sub or master mix. I very much hear what isn’t there yet and know what a song is begging for.

Finally, I take communication very seriously. After all, what good is any of this expertise if I fail at effectively communicating these concepts and strategies to the artists I’m working with? To me, having all of this in place just helps us all to not only achieve the best possible results…but to actually have some FUN while we’re making history!