Composing film scores

My first real film project, Conjecture, was a 43-minute short that won a Gold Remi award at the Worldfest-Houston Int’l Film Festival. I’m especially proud to have had my idea used in one scene, in which we used music and sound editing to show how the media only needs a small bit of information to set their machine of speculation in motion.

Being my first foray into film scoring, it is credited in the titles as my band name, AR3A. However, it is properly credited on IMDB as David Area Williams. Because I have such a common name, I added the Area middle name to differentiate myself from others while recognizing that part of my history.

My work has since been used in two other short films and several web campaigns. Go to my soundcloud page for a listen to my body of work and unused material.

Sound Design

Sound design is an integral part of the overall vibe of a motion picture and is an absolutely essential part making the story not just believable; but impactful.