Hi, I’m David

Instead of writing about myself in third person to sound impressive, I would rather tell you a little something about my diverse musical journey that is very much responsible for my somewhat unique sound.As a preteen, I played drums in my garage and eventually joined the school band. I formed a few bands with any like minded “Metal Head” kid I met in my neighborhood until I was eleven and played drums in a fifty piece inner-city jazz ensemble. While in this group, I had access to other instruments and began teaching myself piano. This lead to an obsession with the art of songwriting. I absorbed music by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, and the list goes on.

However, I began to really take notice of film scores; in particular John Williams and eventually Danny Elfman. I began experimenting quite a bit with music sequencing and synthesizers and quickly fell in love with certain electronic bands, like Depeche Mode. I co-founded a band, called AR3A in 1991 which went on to release several singles and albums over the years garnering a small but very loyal following over seas…even winning album of the year in 2010 in Poland of all places.

Having studied music theory, sound recording, and production in college, it wasn’t long before I was working full time throughout Houston as a studio musician and producer/arranger. After several years of having people tell me my music “belongs in movies”, I finally began composing scores and designing sound effects for motion pictures in 2013.